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of the guided states, he was told today is a free man. he is wanted in the u.s. in connection with his conviction of having sex with a 13 year-old girl 30 years ago. swiss authorities say the u.s. did not make a convincing argument for his extradition. >> two months in a swiss jail, eight months under house arrest at his luxury shall lay in the alps, and less heat legal wrangling, but now switzerland has finally decided what to do about roman polanski. >> this morning, i have informed the lawyer of mr. polanski and informed the ambassadors of the united states, france and poland. it is also the case that the freedom restricting measures against mr. polanski have been lifted. that is the electronic monitoring has been detached. >> it is nonsensical that an extradition demand should be formulated. it was based on information and facts that are erroneous, full of lies, and as mr. polanski rights on the only occasion he broke his silence, he feels he has already been punished. >> the decision not to extradite roman polanski is based, this was say, on continued confusion over how long his o
in government and corporations in china than in the u.s. right now. the trust issue is lurking in the background. is something we will look at it again this year. -- it is something we will look at again this year. we will be doing this in august with synthetic biology. we found no public support for a moratorium on research. the question always comes up about shutting the system down. we did find public support for self-regulation by industry. the idea that the industry will look after itself and everything will be fine, there's not much public belief that will happen. when we asked people specifically about building confidence, 80% of the responses converge around three answers. they want greater transparency and disclosure about the science. they want free market testing. there is a fear that we're taking technologies and pushing them into the market without doing diligence. the government is not doing it. the corporations are not doing it. they also like the idea of third-party testing. they bring up examples like consumers union corporation underwriters lab, people above the fray like the n
. then the u.s. and israel mend fences and focus on the growing threat to peace in the middle east. >> do you believe that a nuclear iran can be contained? >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in a "fox news sunday" exclusive. plus, the president plans out a new line of attack for november. we'll ask the panel if running against bush will work again. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: and hello again from fox news in washington. with a lot of ground to cover, let's turn to our first guest, obama senior advisor david axelrod. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> good to be here. >> chris: bp is replacing the containment cap on its runaway well. the company hopes to have it done monday as you can see from the live spill cam. until then the oil is gushing up into the gulf. it also hopes, bp, is working to finish its two relief wells. how confident are you that they will have this spill contained, stopped by the end of july? >> well, we are reasonably confident but obviously this thing is unchartered waters, no pun intended. our scientists, dr. chu and others have been spendin
people are still living in tents despite millions of dollars of u.s. aid. >>> lawmakers get back to work today after their july 4 break and they have a pact to do list. democrats have to find the 60 votes needed to push through regulation for wall street and they hope to extend benefits for the long-term unemployed for they will also vote on the confirmation of supreme court elena kagan. there is a vacant seat and that is of the late west virginia democratic senator robert byrd. >>> we turn to the weather on monday. we have a cooler start to the week. adam caskey has a look at our first forecast. >>> we don't have a heat wave this week. it will warm up later this week and we will get back into more sunshine thursday into friday. we are tracking the showers pushing off to the east. there is a wide batch of rain moving from west virginia and into north carolina. that will continue to march toward the metro area later this afternoon. the highs may hit 90 degrees across the metro area. we will talk more about the rain chances in our next forecast. >>> tuesday 84 of the oil spill in the gulf
to al qaeda. secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is working with uganda to bring those responsible to justice. the deadliest bomb ripped through a crowded rugby club while the other explosion was at a restaurant. >>> this morning's "washington post" reports that it was a telephone call from the hed haired russian spy beauty that triggered the arrest of her and nine others last month. according to u.s. officials, an made chapman called her father, himself a veteran of the kgb, after she had a troubling meeting with an undercover fbi informant. in the phone call monitored by the u.s., chapman expressed worry that her cover was blown. after that, federal officials intervened to have the group arrested. meanwhile, attorney general eric holder confirmed yesterday that the russian spy network never once managed to pass on classified information despite working in the u.s. for more than a decade. >>> and now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. officials in las vegas are working to determine what caused an energy substation to explode and the
the recession butc u.s. economy'sñr recovery.ñté:uk report, the sector faces some uncertainty for the rest of the year. >> reporter: the basic materials sector could be the comeback kid when firms report second-quartfbñr earnings. companies in that sector make everything from steel4p!o . thomson reuters estimates profits for the 32 basic materials companies in the s&p 500 index will top $6 billionÑi in the secondÑi quarter. that's nearly double what they made a year ago during the depth of the reception when-- recessionçó when some basic materials companies lost money. analysts say the segment is benefitting from the u.s.e@6hce they also admit the recoveryñr has been anemic. that isçóÑi reflected in the dow jones u.s. basic materials sector index.1f itÑi took off in the beginning of the year as factory orders increaseÑi on signs theçó economy was improving.Ñi butÑi theñr index tanked in theú crisis in europe could spread here.Ñi kimberlieñr dubord follows it for briefing.com. she says the sector has been improving in recent week bus there is still concern about our eco
and their history and i'm proud of having been porn in mexico and i'm incredibly proud of being a u.s. citizen. few years ago, i was talking to the chile an writer and she told me that for many years, she was having these conflicts. she didn't know if she was from chile or the united states. she felt she needed to choose. then 9/11 came and she realized she could be from both. i feel exactly the same way. i fortunately think that i don't have to choose. can i be both from both countries rom the united states and mexico and proud to be from both. >> let me read from dying to cross written in 2003-2004 after the victoria, texas trailer that had 19 people die. >> trying get into the united states. >> the mexican government. your writing this. mexican government has never under any ad min administration made any serious effort to stop the flow of undocumented flow of immigrants to the north. that's because it wasn't and isn't in the country's best interest. the best effort of fox's is reporting the danger office crossing the border illegally but the end result was nothing more than thousands of post
with his kids bobby and isabella. >>> the women's u.s. open paula kramer wearing all pink today on championship sunday. she entered the final round with a three-shot lead. kramer with her approach shot on number 15. it would cozy up nice and close to the hole to set her up for an easy birdie putt. she never relinquished the lead. she would tap in for par. she finished three under par, the only golfer to finish in red number. kramer wins the u.s. open, the first major of her career. >>> lass' all the time we have -- that's all the time we have for tonight's show. thanks for letting us be a part of your weekend. hope you had a good night. good night, everybody.
, their history -- the roots. i am incredibly proud of being a u.s. citizen and having been born in mexico. a few years ago, i was talking to a writer from chile, and she was telling me that for many years, she was having these conflicts. she did not know if she was from chile or if she was from the united states. she felt that she needed to choose, and then, 9/11 game, and she realized she did not have to choose, that she could be at the same time from the united states and from chile. i do not have to chose. i can be from both, and i am very proud to be from both countries. >> "dying to cross," which was written after the victoria, texas, where the 19 people died? >> 19 people died trying to get into the united states. >> you are writing this, the mexican government has never under any administration in any type of serious effort to stop the flow of undocumented immigrants to the north, never. that is because it was not and is not in the country's best interest. the main focus of prism vincente fox's a little campaign was about crossing the border illegally, but the end result was nothing more
people still live in tent communities. despite billions of u.s. dollars pledged, mounds of debris remain throughout the city of port- au-prince. >>> congress is back in session. democratic senators will need to get 60 votes to push through the financial overhaul bill. before the week-long independence day break, democrats did not have the votes they needed, but now at least one democrat and a handful of republicans have been won over. >>> a d.c. council is holding an emergency meeting today to find out what caused so many power outages in the heat wave last week. couzens went without power and air conditioning for days. -- thousands went without. pepco is planning to work with the council. rupp >>> bill, maryland -- rockville residents can rest easy now that a second water main repair is complete. >>> two men are in custody after a impersonating police officers. courtney robinson is reporting from langley park. >> we understand from two sources that at least one of these men worked as a security guard for a company that provides security for a bid for a station apartments, where everyth
the peace keeping troupes out. and u.s. officials say they'll work with the government to bring the attackers to justice. at the white house, joel brown, wjz-13, eyewitness news. >>> and the american killed, a 25-year-old nate hen was a former university of delaware student--. >> one of the girls injures is from ellicott city. >>> and the rematch is on. there's a 1 point lead for mr. ehrlich. it's still in the margin of error and shows how close the race is. mike hellgren has more. mike? >> reporter: gigi, many believe that the particular poll tilts towards the republicans. the lead had a shrink. and today, the governor says that the only survey that matters is the one on election day. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a new report poll shows that ehrlich edging out current democrat governor alley in the race. but, it's a statistical dead heat. >> the poll tends to tilt in the direction of republicannings against the democrats. and this is not just a few times, but over a lot of polls a lot of times. >> reporter: the key for mr. ehrlich is getting democratic votes to win. the
. lawmakers there are expected to make recommendations on milk prices later today. jenna: the u.s. census is providing a much-needed lifeline for hundreds of thousands of americans looking for work and now these temporary jobs are ending. unemployment remains stubbornly high despite the president's stimulus program. so there's a lot going on. steve centanni is live for us in washington. steve, tell us a little bit about what's different this year, about the census employment picture? >> reporter: well, jennifer, one thing are no hurry to leave their jobs with the census. in the past the census employees often gave early notice they were leaving so they could move on, take better jobs with better wages, but this year, there really aren't many jobs out there with the unemployment rate at 9.5%, so these employees are staying on the job as long as they can. but those jobs are rapidly disappearing. in fact, so many people left their census jobs in june, they were laid off, that the jobless numbers for both overall payroll employment and for government employment reflected that decline. the lab
the u.s. and russia has reached based on dialogue the presidents have had, defense officials have had. >> there has been many reports on the reach of sanctions -- breach of sanctions. what are you doing to [inaudible] >> with the recent security council of resolution, now comes the important step of implementing it. every country has a responsibility to abide by its international obligations. we have had a specific conversation with iraq over the past couple of weeks, but that is something -- i will check to see if that was on his list of topics. >> they are in violation of these sections. >> i will check to see if this was an issue that was raised in the last couple of days. >> [inaudible] [unintelligible] >> no, the elections have taken place. these were decisions for the japanese people to make. we will work closely with the japanese government on issues of mutual concern. >> no concerns whatsoever? [unintelligible] >> i will defer to japanese political commentators to describe the applications. we will work closely with the japanese government. >> on north korea. there will be a m
dangerous. >> u.s. officials estimate that iran perhaps within two years will have a nuclear warhead it can put on a ballistic missile that can strike israel, europe, much of the world. do you have a deadline in your own mind for how long you are willing to let diplomacy play out? >> there has only been one time that iran actually stopped the program and that was when it feared u.s. military action. so, the -- when the president says that he is determined to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons, and that all options are on the table, i think that is the right statement of policy. you ask what is our policy? our policy is very simple. the jewish state was set up to defend jewish lives and we always reserve the right to defend ourselves. >> chris: do you have a deedline in your mind for how long you are willing to let diplomacy play out. >> i think we always reserve the right to defend our service. >> chris: do you believe that a nuclear iran can be contained. >> no, i don't. i think that is a mistake. and i think people fall into a misconception. >> chris: so it must be stopped? >> y
-- roman polanski will not be extradited to the united. the swiss justice ministry says u.s. officials failed to provide all of the records needed for the transfer. polanski has been on the run from the united states since 1978 when he pleaded guilty to child sex charges. criminal defense attorney paul callan reacted to the news this morning. >> the extradition law is if the crime is a crime in the country where the person is being held, switzerland, in the same place the crime was committed, california, and this was rape, extradition will occur. switzerland is not to be looking at the underlying strength of the case, and polanski pled guilty here, so it is shocking that the swiss are not extraditing. >>> well, members of congress return to work today with an ambitious to-do list, financial reform, a supreme court nomination, whether to extend unemployment benefits. what makes it more challenging is the time line. they have about a month until their next recess. what do you think they should make their top priority? join of conversation with us at cnn.com/tony. we will share some of th
to the crimes allegedly committed in the u.s. -- officials in the bahamas say that. >>> a company that runs popular rides a suspended them last week after a boat accident in philadelphia where a barge hit a boat, killing some people. the boat to examine safety procedures and determined it was safe to operate their rides again. the washington, d.c.-area boats are run by a separate company and were not affected by the shutdown. >>> new photographs from cuban leader fidel castro, allegedly taken last week at a tune in to -- cuban's think tank meeting. he is 83 years old. the last known photographs of fidel castro were taken about five months ago. >>> 7 is on your side tonight about those flavored alcoholic drinks containing caffeine. senator chuck schumer once the product investigated. he says they are deceptive and designed to attract under age drinkers. the labels on the colorful cans looks similar to non alcoholic energy drinks. >>> and there is a synthetic marijuana that is being marketed as incense. several states have banned the product, which is sold under many different names, includin
of the u.s. citizen. >> reporter: a group called al shin on claimed responsibility, a group the state department recognized as ties to al-qaeda. this is the first time the group has struck outside the home of somalia and that has american intelligence officials worried. they've become concerned somalia could be a breeding ground for terrorist. they want to overthrow the current somali government and replace it with muslim regime. and they use militants who fought in iraq, afghanistan to train them. and henn is the only u.s. citizen killed in the attacks but there is also talk of five other americans in the blast. joel brown, 9 news now. >>> a 16-year-old girl from ellicott, maryland is among those. emily kerstetter was with a group. the group was scheduled to return to the u.s. today. >>> cindy sheehan's bench trial begins today in d.c. superior court. she was among 8 anti war protestors arrested on march 20th after laying coffins at a white house fence. her son was killed in iraq back in 2004. she gained national attention after staging a prolonged demonstration in 2005. outside pres
live in tents. despite billions of dollars of u.s.-pledged aid, mounds of debris remained throughout the city. >>> congress is back in session and for the democratic senators, one of the first orders of business tobey to get 60 votes to push through the financial overall bill. -- one of the first orders of business today. at least one democrat and a handful of republicans have been won over apparently. >>> the d.c. city council is holding an emergency meeting today to find out what caused so many apologist's last week. thousands of residents without power. -- find out what caused so many paul nauert outageower outages. >>> a water main broke last week in potomac. that was repaired on friday but another one was found. a second round is complete. >>> two alleged police impersonator is accused of robbery. daniel blaylock and kennedy ventura work in an suv with flashing strobe lights early yesterday morning. they were pulled over by police and they displayed badges and assault to the victims and took their wallets. they were arrested a short time later. >>> in south africa the spanish te
a thrilling story out of a spy novel itself. and it seemed like the priority here was u.s./russia relations. the question outstanding is what kind of threat does russia pose with its espionage against the united states? >> let's step back for a second and understand that i think this is a great credit to our law enforcement. we made arrests, law enforcement community made arrests. these individuals have been monitored for quite some time. they tried but they never got classified information and intelligence. and now they've left the country, which again is a big win for our law enforcement community. i set that aside. i think our relationship with russia is no doubt improving if you look at where it was just a few years ago. the economic discussions that were had recently and progress made in reducing nuclear weapons and hopefully we'll get a treaty through senate this summer that will further reduce nuclear weapons means our security is stronger and safer and our relationship is stronger. >> more broadly on foreign policy. i can remember back two years ago as you can july of 2008 the presi
is suicide bombers involved. but the u.s. has a very big incentive to keep al shabaab down. somali americans are going in big numbers. with that group to somalia to do the fight. the fear is that al shabaab is going mobile. these guys would come back to the u.s. and we can face more terror. shep? >> shepard: greg palkot live early this tuesday morning in london. mother says his iq is two or three points below that of einstein. the bare foot bandit couldn't outsmart the cops gofer. tonight, what it means long-term and where he could be charged. just in to fox news, a los angeles county sheriff's spokesman confirms detectives are investigating threatening recordings said to be the voice of actor mel gibson. the one-time super star now the center of what might be a very serious domestic violence investigation. these are new reports. not the same ones you may have heard over the weekend or on friday and they are quite something. we'll have them for you coming up. i have diabetes, and sometimes i wonder why are my numbers all over the place? are you looking for answers? the accu-cheiva syst now h
polanski will be extradited to the u.s. to face child sex charges. polanski pleaded guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl back in 1977. he then fled to europe before sentencing. we are expected to learn more about this decision in about two hours. we'll bring that to you live right here on the most news in the morning. >>> the white house this morning promising the terrorist behind the "deplorable and cowardly attacks" in euganda will be tracked down and brought to justice. at least 64 people were killed including one american. six americans from a church mission were also injured. joining me on the phone right now, cnn national security contributor fran townsend. fran was the homeland security advisor to president bush and is now a member of the cia's external advisory board. we're talking about these crowded venues. people gathered to watch the world cup of course finals, one was a restaurant there, a popular restaurant. do we know who could have been the target of these blasts? >> that's the ultimate question. i think when you see the white house statement that you referred to,
, it will definitely destroy this country from within. bill: so we know the u.s. now struggling to keep its head above financial waters. leaning on countries like china to buy our debt. stuart varney is anchor of varney & company on the fox business network. good morning. whenner skin bowles -- when erskine bowles says that, what does it tell new. >> it's onnous for the future. mr. bowles is saying come on, you can't go on like this but number two, he's vee -- revealed two new possibilities which are on the table as far as the commission is concerned, those two possibilities are, number one, limiting the mortgage interest deduction. that's huge. that is a mainstay of middle america, and the deduction which they get for the interest they pay on their mortgage. maybe that could be limited as a way of raising more revenue for the government. number two, possibly means testing medicare. in other words, you don't get it if you make too much money or you work too -- or you're worth too much money. those are two bomb shells, ominous bomb shells placed on the table over the weekend as to what we should or cou
decision. can the u.s. appeal the decision. >> it was shocking. i'm running across the street and screaming. >> horrifying scene, a man throws his baby into oncoming traffic. >> cleaning up baltimore with stimulus money. see how taxpayer money is being spent. that is coming up. >>> threatening weather moves across maryland, get your updated forecast on wjz.com. ,, [ air blowing ] [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. a horrible act witnessed by residents including an off-duty police officer. a child a thrown into the street. an officer saw the man violently shake the child and throw her into oncoming traffic. she was run over but she recovered >> it was incredibly shocking. i'm running across the street and i'm screaming, it was horrifying >> police had to use a tase tore subdue the father and he was taken to jail on child en child endangerment >> some marylanders are working. >> reporter: gardener was unemployed until february when he
-on-one with former president bill clinton. that's tonight at 10:00 eastern. >>> one in every four u.s. citizens now has a risky credit score. if you are one of those people, it could be pretty hard to get a loan for your house or car. we will tell what you you can do about it. progress for new york city cab drivers, like ossman ali is being able to carry people, who aren't carrying cash. meaning more convenience for passengers, and more business for cab drivers. all thanks to the ease and freedom of visa digital currency. now that's progress. visa. currency of progress. >>> wallets are a lot lighter. when the bills don't get paid, your credit suffers. getting a loan becomes absolutely impossible. don't blame this one on the bank. alison kosik joins me live from the new york stock exchange. let's talk about those all-important fico scores and the latest that. that's very important to you and me. >> they definitely are. if you are looking to take out a loerngs directly affects you. i mean, think about this. 25% of people have a score of 599 or below. what i'm talking about are fico scores. lenders us
evading arrest and taunting authorities in a two-year crime spree in the u.s. and bahamas. stealing cars, boats and planes and flying them despite training. he was dubbed the barefoot bandit and allegedly leaving behind chalk footprints. >> it's expected to be in court this week for arraignment to answer a number of charges. >> reporter: officials in the. bahamas say the charges there will take precedence over the charges in the u.s. eric horng, abc news. >>> democrats could lose their majority in the house in the fall elections. that comes from gibbs echoing what the republicans have been saying for weeks. gibbs says the appear has a lot to do before november. >> i think there's to doubt there are enough seats in play that could cause republicans to gain control, there's no doubt about that. this would depend on strong campaigns by democrats. again, i think we've got to take the issues to them. >> gibbs insists the white house will focus on issues. but says democrats won't hesitate to take aim at republican leaders. >>> one of america's most prominent televangelists is stepping down. re
. ugandan authority are -- have announced that a total of 64 people were killed in the blasts. >> the u.s. government has offered its assistance. have ugandans said to you at all at this point what they're hoping for in terms of help from america? >> not specifically but we are working with them. and as president obama said, the u.s. is ready to provide any assistance requested by the ugandan government. >> joanne lockhart, surely a busy day. thank you for taking the time to visit with us this morning. >> no problem. thank you very much. >> and in washington this morning is cbs news national security analyst juan zarate. good to have you with us this morning. >> good morning, erica. >> i know the group is of particular concern, not only the link to al qaeda but also because al shabab has been recruiting american men specifically. talk to us about that link, if you could. >> you're right, erica. one of the main concerns the fbi and counterterrorism officials in the united states have had for a number of years has been a number of somali-american recruits out of places like minneapolis and
to gather intelligence here. holder defended the decision to return the spies to the u.s. calling it a good move by the u.s. >>> the teenage fugitive known as the barefoot bandage has finally been caught. colton morris is behind bars in the bahamas. he committed crimes while barefoot. police believe he's stolen cars, boats, and airplanes even though he's never had flying lessons. >>> health workers are launching studies to see how they performed during the h1n1 outbreak. >> reporter: this year gets a flu shot was part of the job. >> everybody i know got shots. >> reporter: she remembers how health workers spread the word. >> we had notices on the buses and notices put in public places about washing your hands. i think the health department did a good job. >> reporter: after hosting hundredsover h1n1 flu clinics, that's the kind of feed back they are looking for and they are asking for marylanders to chime in. >> did they get the flu shot, why didn't they get it, why not. what we're trying to do is learn from the experience of last year. >> reporter: that's because doctors say the h1n1 flu i
about the spy next door. linda sow has more on neighbors reaction. >> a man working for the u.s. as a spy in russia was freed last week and allowed to return to the u.s. neighbors hope he can return home so they can thank him for his work. alexander zaporozhsky was arrest ned in 2001. zaporozhsky and three others have been pardoned and flown back to washington as part of last week's spy swap. property records show he and h wife bought the house in 2001 before he was arrested in russia. neighbors never knew about his past until the news broke last week. >> i would say thank you for all your work and all your help. u.s. as americans, you know, we, we rely and our freedoms and life rely on people like that. >> zaporozhsky's homecoming will be bittersweet. his wife died last year while he was serving his sentence in russia. >>> it is 5:46. dozens of customers who did business with a laurel car dealer are fuming this morning. they sold the company their cars and discovered the checks were no good. many are still making payments on cars they sold months ago. part two of this story, we
the canal attacked by d.c. fireboats. >>> and the u.s. pursuit of film director norman polanski may be over after three decades. "news 4 midday" begins right now. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm eun yang in for barbara harrison today, monday, july 12th, 2010. just moments after world cup cheers were heard around the world, terror struck the country of uganda. suicide bombers hit two spot where is people were gathered watching the game. in the end, at least 74 people were killed. there were simultaneous explosions that happened at a popular ethiopian restaurant and a large rugby field in kampala. one american was among the victims. nbc's tom aspell has the latest. >> reporter: the final minutes of the world cup soccer tournament in johannesburg. millions glued to television screens all over the world. but in uganda, it was an opportunity for terror. three bombs ripped through as fans watched the match. there was no warning. >> an explosion, and then the second one went off. >> reporter: at least one american was killed in the bombings. a san diego-based aid group c
of responsibility in the deadly bombings of crowds watching the world cup final game on tv in uganda. now the u.s. is offering to help. and a son's dna leads police to find and arrest his father. an exclusive look at the technology that cracked the grim sleeper killings over two decades later. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." look at these live pictures from the gulf of mexico. at any moment we could see a new cap lowered into place over the leaking bp oil well. this is a critical step that could possibly, possibly seal off the gusher, at least temporarily for the first time in 84 days. cnn's ed levendara is joining us live from new orleans. ed, take us through this right now. >> reporter: the latest information we have is that new containment cap is moving so closely to the top of the blowout preventer so we're really looking intently at what will happen over the next 48 hours as soon as that cap is in place. they will begin a series of what they describe as integrity testing to determine whether or not that cap will essentially be able to do what they hope it does. essentially,
to johansberg where they'll do further testing. now the u.s. state department and the f.b.i. are arranging for emily's parents to catch a flight to join their daughter in johannssberg. we'll be following this story throughout the night and will have more at 1. 1:00. >>> you can get more at our web site at abc 2news.com. >>> a grand jury has indicted tshamba for shooting tyrone brown on june 5th after a verbal altercation outside of a night club. now witnesses told police they saw tshamba and brown in an argument. when tshamba shot brown several times. officer so many bay is held without bail at the baltimore city detention center without bond he is set to be arraigned on august 4th. >>> well of course a little afternoon weather across baltimore and across maryland. had some big thunderstorms out there at times today. a lot of that activity now clearing us to the east but we will still be dealing with some rain this evening. let's take a look at where that rain is right now. maryland's most powerful radar, we have been tracking the storms here all afternoon, you can check out our lates
while swapping spies. jay leno asked why the u.s. is sending 10 accused spies to rush but only getting four in return. joe biden said we're getting back four really good ones. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you agree with the government's decision to engage in a spy swap with russia? e-mail your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com. again, that is watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> state troopers continued to search for a man who fled in annapolis. the man was pulled over yesterday along eastbound route 50 but got out of the car and headed for the woods. we were told the man is armed. search dogs were seen searching the neighborhood. a description of the suspect was not provided. >> and arrest was made in a harford county double shooting. the shooting happened before 5:30 yesterday afternoon on your chart drive in edgewood. police found two men shot inside a suv. >> it appears the 18-year-old had been shot, got in their vehicle, and had to stop when deputies found them. they were transported to shock trauma. >> officials say one is listed in stable condition. both und
to fight against al- shabab. this morning, u.s. embassy in kampala warned americans in uganda attending any large public gatherings, saying they could provide vulnerable targets to terrorist groups. >> as we mentioned, this story has local ties. a 16-year-old ellicot city girl and her grandmother were caught and one of the bombings at a restaurant. >> our reporter continues to team coverage to caught up with a friend of the family. >> 16-year-old emily kerstetter and her grandmother left for a humanitarian mission in uganda on june 15th. unfortunately, both women were injured in one of the bombings at an ethiopian restaurant as they were enjoying the world cup. they were the lucky ones as some of the people were there to help were killed. >> she was so happy to be there. she did not want to leave. she extended her trip a week and had a great time and unfortunately it is coming to an end up like this. it's awful. >> a close friend of the family recalls how excited the 16-year- old emily kerstetter was too good to you gone up. she and her grandmother left in june with a group from the christ
, because they do not have job. by last month, the u.s. had put 35,000 haitians to work clearing debrises from -- debris from canals. but more do not have jobs. >> they are very difficult to reach. there are many problems. even politics, lonistics -- logistics, and implementation. >> most of the money pledged for humanitarian aid, has pledged for hospital, food workers and relief. but hundreds of millions of dollars have yet to be spent. and many aid workers here say some of the hardest work, rebuilding, is still ahead. seth stone, cbs news, port-au- prince. >>> and former president bill clinton is cochairman of the international commission overseeing the $5.3 billion in promised reconstruction aid. over the weekend, he even expressed frustration at the slow recovery process. >>> if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with sharon gibala. >> reporter: it could be a bit of a slow go out there. plenty of problems to get in your way. including this one. 95 northbound at the memorial bridge. we have a disabled truck there, blocking the right lane. we also
on the battlefield. he spent the weekend visiting with u.s. troops. he's also been meeting with top u.s. and afghan commanders to plot a strategy for the war. his visit coming on the heels of a new report that found the number of afghan civilians killed by international forces was cut in half this past year because of the new rules of engagement. former president bill clinton back in haiti today and he's not happy. six months after that terrible earthquake, clinton says he's frustrated international donors aren't making good on the money that they promised. only giving 10% of what they had actually pledged. the quake killed over 200,000 people. nearly two million people remain homeless. the barefoot bandit who has been wanted for the past two years finally under arrest now. police in the bahamas nabbed him in an action-packed high speedboat chase. colten harris moore has been on the run since escaping from a half way house in washington state. he's accused of committing dozens of burglaries across washington and idaho but the 19-year-old won't be extradited to the u.s. any time soon. he'll be prose
militant group with ties to al qaeda. >>> hillary clinton says the u.s. is working with uganda to bring those responsible to justice. >>> "the washington post" reports this morning it was a telephone call from the now infamous red-haired russian spy that triggered her arrest and the arrest of nine others last month. according to u.s. officials, anna chapman called her father a veteran of the kgb after a troubling meeting with an undercover fbi informant in a phone call monitored by the united states chapman expressed worry her cover was broken blown. after that, it was. federal officials intervened to have the group arrested. >>> the swiss government will make an announcement at 8:00 this eastern, stand by! about roman polanski's extradition to the united states for a 1977 sex case. the film director has been held in switzerland since last september on an extradition request made by u.s. authorities. in december, he was allowed to move from prison to house arrest. do you think that we ought to do one of those countdown clocks? cable countdown clock? roman polanski, extradition, tick toc
for a bombing. some americans are victims. one of the victim is from maryland. >> we have confirmation of one u.s. citizen killed in the attack. he was an employee of an mgo in cap ala. i think they have confirmed his identity and there have been five u.s. citizens hospitalized. >> he was identified as 25-year- old nate hen of wilmington, delaware. he was working with a california based aid group. and the family friend of emily kerstetter was with her grandmother and a church group when they came under attack >>> if you're planning on buying an iphone, why a group said don't do it. coming up next. dry, rough, cracked? gold bond therapeutic foot cream. penetrates the deepest layers like others can't. look for the healing seal. gold bond foot cream. serious relief for dry, cracked feet. >>> a 10-year-old texas boy was in d.c. for one hour is now dead after being hit by a car in georgetown. he was struck at the intersection of wisconsin and 3rd street. he died a short time ago at children's hospital. witnesses say the boy was in the crosswalk with his family. today neighbors say that intersection is
, alexander zaporozhsky was a high-ranking kgb few. he was arrested nine years ago for spying in the u.s. neighbors want to thank him for his work. he was said to have exposed information that helped the u.s. capture two of the most damaging spies. zaporozhsky and three others have been pardoned and flown back to washington as part of last week's spy swap. it's unclear whether zaporozhsky will return to his home in cockeysville. neighbors never knew about his past until the news broke last week. >> i would say thank you for all your work and help. us, as americans, our freedoms and life rely on people like you. >> zaporozhsky's return will be bittersweet. his wife died last year while he was serving his sentence in russia. >>> light rail service timonium is back to normal this morning after a fire disrupted in lutherville last night. the fire took out a lumber yard. people reported seeing smoke as far away as westminster. the warehouse caught on fire. it took crews about 40 minutes to get this one under control. >> shortly upon arrival, they did have a partial collapse of the building wh
ago for spying for the u.s. the former colonel was said to have exposed information that helped the u.s. capture two of the most damaging spies. zaporozhsky and three others have been pardoned as part of last week's spy swap. property records show he and his wife bought the house in 2001. neighbors never knew about his past until the news broke last week. >> we were completely sidetracked with it. came out of nowhere. we weren't aware of it. it was just like anybody else. >> zaporozhsky's homecoming will be bittersweet. his wife died last year while he was serving his sentence in russia. >>> all right, four minutes after 6:00 right now. thanks, linda. light rail service in timonium is back to normal after a fire destroyed this whole area. fire broke out at a lumber yard. people reported seeing the smoke as far away as westminster. warehouse at bon lumber and home center, took crews about 40 minutes to get the fire under control. >> they had a partial collapse of the building, which meant from a firefighter life-safety perspective, we went into defensive operations, we didn't commit peop
of state hillary clinton says the u.s. will work with uganda to bring those responsible to justice. >>> today marks six months since the deadly earthquake in haiti. efforts to rebuild the caribbean nation are moving slowly. former president clinton says international donors aren't making good on a lot of the earthquake aid they promised. meanwhile, many families are still homeless, while others are living in tents without basic needs. >> i have lost everything. when i drink even water i have to borrow a cup from somebody else. >> reporter: the jan 12th earthquake left more than 300,000 people dead and 1.5 million survivors homeless. >>> a 10-year-old texas boy is at children's national medical center after being struck by a car in northwest. it happened between q and r streets on wisconsin avenue. investigators are trying to figure out what happened and they don't know if the boy was even in the cross walk when he was struck. >>> fire investigators are searching for the cause of a blaze in southeast. it happened on saturday everyoning in the 1600 block of w street. firefighters ent
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